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What’s new in Apple iPhone 12

iPhone 12
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Apple iPhone 12: First of all, I would like to thank all my viewers for landing on this page. Once again Apple has proved that it is supposed to top the list of the World of Smartphones as they have come up with the bezel-free phone manufacturing feature besides home button under the display. Today’s generation is a big fan of Apple, with their every new upgrade they make a new revolution in the smartphone industry, to say such a cheerful moment for them. In the mid of 2019 Samsung also introduced their full display smartphone, viz; Samsung S10 and then full display revolution started in the smartphone industry. Apple with its new level of upgrades was worth waiting for, but now Apple has officially given updates for its luxurious Apple I phone 12 and ‘iPhone 12 could be released on the mid of September 2019’.

iPhone 12 concept
iPhone 12 concept BGR

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What’s new in Apple I phone 12

#01. Born with Retina HD Bezel free display

At last, the rumor came true. iPhone 12 is born with Bezel free display beside the home button which is on the display. The phone has come with 5.8 inch super retina display. IPhones is supplemented by water and dust resisting mechanism. The phone looks very premium and glossy. The design is super-duper and much more eye-catching as compared to the iPhone XR. The entire body has a metallic finish and it is beauty increases after one holds it in hand. Even a pencil is not that slim as the iPhone 12 is and it is for this cause that the iPhone 12 looks super sexy.

#02. 12 MP Quad Camera

mspoweruser.com says the 2020 iPhone will have same camera as samsung S10 i.e quad core.And apple ways focuses on it and gives its best to be the best. The phone has a 12 Megapixel quad camera which enhances the portrait mode. Moreover, the phone has two variants and naturally the two different cameras have varying focal length F1.8 and F2.8. As we know that, higher the value of F better will be the quality of images. Coming to the video recording quality of new Apple IPhoneX, it is capable of 4K video recording; besides, they have also focused on image stabilization and have done good improvisation on it.

#03. New iOS 12.3.1

As I told you earlier that iPhone runs with the latest IOS 12.3.1 and the quality of the new OS is awesome with new smart features, shortcut, eye catching system UI. In this new iPhone X, the company has focused on the major improvement on the quality of personal assistant Siri. According to Forbes, magazine new updates of iPhone XR fix major bugs and improved user experience. So, the latest iPhone would get fresh iOS and more advanced features in it.

#04. Octa-core machine learning A12 bionic CPU

Coming next to the CPU, it is built with Octa core CPU of the new A12 bionic chip which is more power efficient in comparison to their previous leading chip A11. The CPU is 50% more power efficient, four times faster with metal 2 optimized. According CNET magazine, on the iPhone 12 there could be in-screen fingerprint scanner. So, you will get amazing gaming experience.

#05. Wireless charging

The battery is another important feature for a quality smartphone. The new iPhone 12 comes up with wireless charging facility and battery backup is very fantastic. Once it is fully charged, the battery backup will last up to 36 Hrs, enabling you to enjoy multitasking and playing games all through the day. So, there are no worries regarding the battery backup.

#06. Entire screen as a speaker with stereo sound effect

As always the standard of boom box is consistent with the best quality of stereo sound effect ever created. A digital trend report says the new iPhone would be entire screen as a speaker. Therefore, iPhone 12 is worth buying if you want to taste new technology.  

Price of the iPhone 12

The company has not yet fixed the price of iPhone X but preferably it would go beyond $2000.

How we can purchase iPhone 12?

To purchase, the buyer should pre book the phone by means of online booking.

Final words:  

So, Apple iPhone 12 is not less than any reward for us as for which we waited for long. As they have done major upgrades from their previous Apple iPhone 12. I think you should purchase Apple iPhone 12 and I assure you that it will be worth buying at this price. More smartphone reviews are coming, stay in touch.


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