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Web of trust|Surf the Internet without being affected By Malware, Spam or Illegal Content

Web of trust
Web of trust

Web of trust: Popularity based web browsers i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Internet explorer have started offering built-in protection to users, since the day they feel necessity about it. But, does it really enough for you to surf on the internet safely today? If so, then how do you make sure yourself about the web site you are about to visit or the site you found in search engine? Do you closely know about the protection advantage of your browser? Does your chosen browser warn you somehow when you are moving your attention (deliberately or inadvertently) on those websites, which could be affected by Malware, Spam or inappropriate contents?

Well, actually web browsers love to warn while you are trying to enter any website, which come and go in 24 hours but not those sites, which has made with good privacy and security. As a result, you are victim of those sites without little or no idea about them. For those who want to safely surf on the internet, however, some of security tools offering ads-on to add on the popular browsers. Web of Trust aims is one of them to provide you safe browsing opportunity with no cost to you ever. It is an add-on, which has made for major based web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera etc. All of the user of these browsers can easily download and install it from WOT.

Search engine results

Web Of Trust Aims, Is It Really Better?

Why not? Web of Trust aims scan the websites, search engine results and even links to show you the safety and security results before they affect you. The results are continuously voting by the millions of WOT community members with their own experience, and also offer you to submit your vote yourself according to your knowledge. It shows you rated results as green, amber or red and the reputation box at the specific place while you are searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia and other popular sites. It also assists you to keep protected your Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail accounts and configure auto block of inappropriate contents that aren’t suitable for you kids, and scan social media plus shorten URL links i.e. bit.ly.


One important thing you should know before you use, however, is rating systems are not 100 per cent accurate, many users have complaints that some of safe sites are blocked due to subjective reviewing criteria. But, it doesn’t make any sense for all, where it has a lot of adorable features. So what do think about this pretty useful extension? Do know any other way to surf safely on the internet? Let us know via your comment….


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