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Skyfi internet
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Skyfi Internet: Hi, we know about wifi technology and something about li-fi. Now the latest technology Skyfi Wireles internet. The project of Facebook,Google, Microsoft is to provide the internet through Skyfi wireless internet technology, it is the aim of these. It is developing to give unavailable internet places to improve internet services through Skyfi broadband to those places also. They are investing crores of money in providing Skyfi. They are ready to provide the internet through sky not through by the cables. Still, now we are using the internet through by cable connections, it is difficult to provide all the places, so, this modern technology Skyfi, decide to provide over all the world. The Facebook discovered an Aeroplane for this process, and the airplane provides internet to the devices which located in the Earth up to 96 minutes. They are entirely using the internet in this month 23 and 28. Google,Microsoft, and white space projects are also involved in this project.

Facebook Aquila providing features :

  • Mainly it is available in India in Srikakulam district.
  • The testing process completed in these countries, Britain, America, Jamaica, Namibia, Philippines, twain.
  • It is mainly essential in TV spectrum into bands.
  • By the space, it provides wifi to all regions.
  • Every Skyfi wifi spot provides internet up to 10 kilometers.                                                                                 
  • Features of Google Loon:
  • It is a Google project.
  • It provides the Skyfi internet through balloons, by entering in the sky.
  • The project has tested in India.
  • It has a partnership with BSNL Telecom limited.
  • It is located 20 kilometers over the Earth in the air.
  • These are made up of polyethylene plastics.
  • It is situated between 15 meters width 122 meters wide.
  • It’s a lifetime three months.
  • It works based on solar energy and requires 100 watts of power.
  • It is working on LTE technology.
  • Every balloon provides internet up to 40 kilometers.
  • Skyfi disclosed this new technology at the Microsoft Think Next event at the end of February, garnering much media attention.

Facebook, Google,Microsoft White space, their build the aim to provide the Skyfi internet overall world. Now, a days internet is one the great source to do anything. Most of the peoples are using the internet, as usually most of the peoples are not using internet. That’s Why Google,Facebook, Microsoft company’s are establishing. The new technology that is Skyfi internet technology.we know about wifi,LI fi. Most of the peoples don’t know about LI fi .li fi technology using some of the countries. But, Skyfi technology established in India, overall world.

The main components for Skyfi’s internet solution are an expandable antenna that is deployed in space and a flexible sub-reflector. Which compensates for any reflector shape imperfections. Skyfi technology will enable satellite owners to change the pattern of coverage on Earth while a satellite is in orbit.

This is the rent plan of Skyfi internet :

Unlimited plans NO GB limit:

Skyfi internet is the latest enhancing wireless internet. Here internet access is getting through by nanosatellites.This is the high flexibility of our, and the ability to provide multiple services to different customers enables us to offer free internet access.


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