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Top 5 Reasons Why Should Use Nitro PDF Reader to Create | Edit | Convert PDF Files

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Nitro pdf reader: Generally, through using PDF software we can solitary read PDF files but unable to edit, create or convert. Intended to do these work, we need to use other PDF software, which are able to do these works smoothly, such as Adobe Acrobat, PDF editor, LibreOffice and many others. Nevertheless, this type of software makes our Computers slower and occasionally takes so long times to open. Most important things are that we have to revolutionize PDF reader and editor software repeatedly, when we settle to do both work at the same time. We assume why not software came out, which can do all these works in a minute without the help of any other software.

In today’s post, I am introducing you with complete innovative software which is capable to do itself all works, you were looking meant for let go.

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What is Nitro Reader?

Fundamentally, Nitro reader is a viable software application for Microsoft Windows operating system. It used for creating, editing and converting PDF (portable document format) files. Using this app, you can read, edit, create as well as convert both at the equal times. Its range is not so gigantic like other apps and does not open or work slowly likes other program.

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In this software, you’ll find Adobe PDF reader’s all advantages, features and also other extra-ordinary features such as QuickSign TM documents, Create PDF files, collaborate and review, fill and save forms, add text to pages, editing anywhere, add comments and passwords, and more…

Top 5 Reasons Why Should Use Nitro PDF Reader to Create | Edit | Convert PDF Files?

1. Create / Convert PDF Files:

Nitro Reader proposes more than 300 formats to create PDF files. Principally, when we make a decision to open any PDF files, we need to open them by context menu. Now you do not need to do these jobs, you have to drag files in Desktop Nitro icon, and then it will automatically opened by the way of Nitro reader. However, using Nitro you can convert your files, print dialog or text to PDF. The list of supported types incorporate images (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PNG) as well as MS Office files (DOCX, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PUB, and VSD), HTML data as well as plain text.

2. Content pulling out:

Sometimes, we got various PDF files that files content or images we need to extract or save them although we cannot do without any other software’s help. Now using Nitro Reader effortlessly, you can extract content or images and save them to your computer. It also allows you to choose any on-screen area, regardless of content, and copy it straight to your Clipboard for reuse of images, text, or anything inside your PDF file by using Snapshot option.

3. Comment, review, & collaboration:

Nitro Reader provides to add sticky note opportunity in PDF files. You can add sticky note anywhere within a document. It offers besides Highlight, cross-out, underline text and reply single comments within PDF files, allowing you to draw attention to text requiring revision. However, it is also giving Text tool to add text straightforwardly onto the pages of a document.

4. Attach QuickSignTM:

Signature is the most exciting thing we like to add in PDF files. It is an imperative thing both for professional and personal users. Through Using Nitro Reader, you can easily create, apply, protect and manage your Signature in PDF files. You can simply create a scanned image of your signature to start signing in PDF files. To Apply or place your signature anywhere in the document files you have to use QuickSign TM tool. Before adding your signature permanently, you can move and resize the image to make sure that it is correctly located. In addition, you can also add multiple signatures for multiple users, and password-protect them individually to protect signature, when you feel unsafe.

5. Faultless Security and Protection:

If you are a regular PDF user, you maybe know that some PDF files call for internet connectivity to distribute or obtain information. However, with Nitro Reader, you can completely disable this stupid internet interactivity from your PDF files. To avoid illegal JavaScript-based activity and malicious attacks by cleanly disabling JavaScript completely, extenuating all risk originating from this functionality.


These all were some of imperative information about nitro Reader I had for you. I expect that you will get some benefits from these tips and obviously appreciate why it should use. In fact, I am a Windows 10 Pro user and in windows 10 Microsoft team already added default PDF reader that users do not need to install any PDF reader to read PDF files. Yet, after I got Nitro Reader, I have stop using the Default reader and start using Nitro Reader for the reason that I feel better with it, and able to do many works at the equal time. So please articulate me your choice by a plain comment in the comment section below and inform me what you consider about this software.


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