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Top 10 best metal detector apps for android & iPhone of 2019

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Best metal detector apps

Best metal detector apps: Has your wedding ring been lost somewhere?

Suddenly your precious metal like gold, platinum has been lost somewhere and you have been facing many difficulties in finding it.

And you are thinking that buying a metal detector machine from somewhere Or from someone else.

But you do not have enough time to buy or order a metal detector machine, if your precious mater may not be lost anywhere.

How will it be if I tell you that you can make your phone a metal detector machine.

Yes, it is true! Today I will tell you about top 10 best metal detector apps for android and iPhone of 2019 that will work as a metal detector.

And with the help of these apps you can go to find treasure. Let’s start.

1. Metal detector by dexaTi

Friends, this app has the ability turn your smartphone into a metal detecting machine.

It has voted for best metal detecting app. You can get this app in Google play store, also has complted with more than 2 Millions downloads. 

So, you don’t need to buy any expensive metal scanner machine. Now, you can Convert your smartphone into a metal detecting machine for free using this app.

Complete 30 to 60 um metal detecting machine by magnetic sensor of your smartphone.

Now, you have the ability to search any hidden metal treasure in your home, and give surprise your friends.

Go and try detect metal using your android phone.

2. Metal Detector

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Dexati
Price: Free
‎Metal Detector
‎Metal Detector
Price: Free

Next, we have Metal Detector by Alexandr Balyberdin. Not many people realize that iPhone could be a good metal detector, which is the main reason it has got listed here.

If you are using iPhone looking for best metal detect app ios. you can try this metal detector app that works

You can get this app from apple app store for free . It has original metal detector machine like UI, that makes your iPhone look like a metal detector device.

Its meter fluctuate when you placed your iPhone above metal. So, you gona fall in love with this app from first use.

So friends don’t waste your time let’s visit the iPhone store and start lost gold in your home. You can also detect gold in river slope! Funny

You are going download best metal detecting app for iPhone and iPad.

Let’s find hidden teaser.

3. Ismart detect by ng intermarketing app free download for android and iPhone

If you thought the last item was amazing, you’ll love this one Ismart detect (ng intermarketing app) ios/play.

It has won a spot right here, thanks to (NG Intermarketing Aps). Now you know more about NG Intermarketing Aps than the majority of people in the world!

You can download this app for free on both app store google play and apple app store.

This app is designed for achealogist, it has also GPS functionality. Suppose, you are out for teaser hunting, can tickmark on each places where you have got teaser using the Ismart detect app. Download free now and start using it.

Rated as a best metal detector app for both android/ios user’s.

The UI looks like classy. But, it has the power to turn your phone into a teaser funder machine in your hands.

Best metal detecting app good, it uses powerful mechanism to detect gold, iron, and patina ring .

Use your android/iPhone smartphone powers to detect metal now.

Let’s start discovering metal near your phone.

4. Metal detector pro

Metal Detector PRO
Metal Detector PRO
Developer: Gamma Play
Price: €2.29

You’ve seen quite a few interesting metal detector app that works so far, but we’re not done yet.

Check out metal detector app that works, made popular by its mechanism to detect metal and best rated.

If you are looking gold detector app that actually works, you can download Metal dector pro.

Wait! it is a paid app app but totally worth buying because if want turn your phone into a teaser finder.

A 3$ app but, worth for purchasing.

It mechanism of action is unique, it uses magnetic sensor to measure nearby magnetic field values.

If it find metals its meter fluctuate and turns any Android into a real metal detector

The app is lightweight and much more amazing features for metal detecting.

It has made popularity and downloaded over 100K.

It’s rating and reviews in the comment sections shows postive feedback, which looks all purchaed user are satisfied.

So guy’s let’s purchase metal dector pro and find metals now.

5. Metal detector by emf reader

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: rayyan apps
Price: Free

In the fifth place on our list of amazing metal dector app for android an iOS, we have Metal detector (emf reader).

If you cannot effort the above metal detector app, you use the metal detector by emf reader which is free to download.

It is the anoter metal detecting app android 2019 for your smartphone, it has the ability to detect gold wihin a range of upto 30 cm.

Meter fluctuate immediately when you placed your phone above metal. Unique and easy to use.

So, lets download the Best metal app android 2019 developed by rayyan app developers.

6. Metal detector by rztech

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: RZTech
Price: Free

Another blockbuster metal detector app by rztech that actually scan metal like gold, iron, platinum and silver.

It’s also a great app for Android user, if you want to find your lost gold easily near you. If you move out from the prime metal location it beeps and vibrates like pro.

Though it is a free app but gives you a pro metal detecting experience from your smartphone.

Now, you are going to download one of the best metal detector app android 2019 for your android.

Let’s go download and enjoy now.

7. Metal detector horizon

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Price: Free

If you want to detect metal from sand and soil, then, you should download Metal detector horizon.

Its mechanism is same as metal detector pro, it reads the magnetic field on the soil or sand and makes the result easily.

If you lost the thing that you can’t see by naked eye, you just placed your phone on it. You will surprise after seeing the result. .

Let’s go download it from google play store, and make surprise your loved one using this app. Moreover, it has the ability detect steel and iron.

According to us, you are going to download one of the best metal detecting app android 2019 collections.

8. Gold and metal detector hd

Gold & Metal Detector HD
Gold & Metal Detector HD
Developer: appspouch
Price: Free

Its name suggest its value as a metal detector. We have another android metal detector app that works.

It help you to find treasure like gold, it detects gold when you placed your phone on it.

If you have lost gold and unable to remember the exact location, you just take the smartphone and move it around the place.

It has a feature that when it detects metal it beeps and vibrates.

When you move it around the place, it measures the magnetic field fluctuation and detects lost metal.

This Gold and metal detector hd app user interface feel the real metal machine on your hands.

9. Metal detector netizen utilities

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Netigen Tools
Price: Free

Another great gold metal detecting apps list 2019, you can go for Metal detector netizen utilities.

The app is light weight but a powerful metal detector. Its user interface is easy to use and its modern digital meter design feels amazing treasure detector app.

Like other treasure detector app its mechanism of action is same and finds metals nearby you.

It is available on both Android and iOS store. Let’s set go and detecting treasure.

10. Metal Detector by Smart Tools co.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Smart Tools co.
Price: Free

Last but not the least we have another metal detector by smart tools co. The app is available in both paid as well as free.

Free version has all the ability for metal detection where as if you go for paid version you will get ads free experience.

When you going to detect metal you just turn off data so, no annoying ads can disturb you.

It also alarming, you when it detects metal. If you think the sound disturbing, you can turn off-on sound.

It has got more than four star rating and downloaded over 96K

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I think I have given you a complete list of top 10 best metal detector apps iphone/android 2019.

I think you would like this list metal detector apps 2019.

Friends, If think that this list is very awesome, then you will share this article with your friends and relatives and so, others will also get the chance to know this list.

Go to the field and experience experience metal detection with your phone.


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