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ISO to USB tool: Burn ISO file on Pendrive under 5 minutes


ISO to USB: If you’re someone who always needs to backup  data or you install your operating system very often, then you know very well that most of the times you’ll need to burn all of your data to an ISO image file and then write it on a DVD or maybe a USB stick. As you know that not everyone knows how to burn an image to usb and if you’re one of those people, then have no worries, since we’ll show you how to do that easily in the paragraphs below.

What is an ISO?

ISO is an archive usually of an optical disc that contains all the data on a DVD, CD or other similar storage mediums. ISO image files can also be burned on USB sticks, which makes it easier for you to copy and transfer data at great speeds. Therefore, when the data from the image is going to be extracted, you’ll get the same properties, folders and files of the original disc.

In general, people use ISO files for distributing disc image and one example in this regard is that they are used by many of us when we need to reinstall our operating system or burn it to a DVD or CD. In terms of compatibility, the programs used for creating ISO image files support all major Windows versions, starting from Windows XP to windows 10.

How to extract ISO files from a disc

Let’s say that you have an ISO of your operating system and you want to create a backup image of your Windows installation disc.

While some people in this case may say that you can use the special feature embedded in Windows to do that, you can actually do it much faster and better by making a personal copy of the operating system and then burning the Iso to USB.

What you may be wondering is why you can’t just copy the data from your Windows DVD to your USB stick.

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple: while you may be able to copy the data on the USB stick, you cannot actually copy the properties of the disc and that’s why you need to use special software that helps you copy the image on the USB stick.

Not only is USB storage much larger than what conventional DVDs have to offer, but at the same time it’s easier to carry them around.

Extracting the ISO file from any DVD or CD

Now when it comes to extracting the ISO file from any DVD or CD, all you need to do is use our special tool.

Just extract it anywhere on your machine and then use the drop down menu in order to select the disc for which you’d like to create the ISO image.

Next, you’ll have to consider selecting the location on your machine where you’d like the image to be saved and that’s it.

The conversion is going to take a few minutes, based on the size of the image file.

How to burn ISO image to USB

Burning an Iso image to usb is quite simple and you can easily do it with our software with just a few clicks.

  • Before you proceed though, it’s important to make sure that your USB flash drive is bootable.
  • After you made sure your flash drive is bootable the fun can begin: all you have to do is run the software
  • Select ISO file and now, the ISO to USB software will add file to USB drive.
  • Next, just click Burn and wait until the ISO file is copied on your USB disk.

One of the main things you’ll love about our software is that compared to others it’s very simple to use and doesn’t hog on your computer’s resources.

There are no complicated settings and the process of burning an ISO to a USB disk is straightforward and much faster compared to using similar software on the market.

The Benefits of burning an ISO image to USB

Many people are curious as to why you need to burn your data to an image, since at the end of the day they can just use Ctrl+C and have all their data copied to a USB disk. Well, when you’re copying data from a DVD or CD, there are certain file properties that cannot be copied to the destination disk. For instance, one great example in this regard is when you want to copy your Windows installation disc to a USB stick.

Using the Control+C command is not going to work, since some vital files won’t get copied. On the other hand, burning an ISO image file to the disk is going to preserve the bootloader. In fact, it’s vital that the bootloader goes on a specific part of the USD disk in order for it to be bootable.

Burning an ISO to USB Fast And Easy Using Our Special Software

If you’ve had to burn ISO files to different types of USB disks, then you know that in many cases you’ll have to go through a lot of settings and have great knowledge about creating bootable USB disks.

The good news is that with our software you won’t have to worry about any of that, since we have simplified the process to such a degree that even someone who has never used such software in the past will be able to use it like a pro.

How to burn ISO to USB

Make sure you select the files to be burned on the disk and then click the Burn button and wait. The waiting time depends on the size of the image file, but most of the times it’s never more than 5-10 minutes depending on the speed of your USB disk.

As you can see, burning an ISO to a USB stick is not as hard as you may have imagined, since with our software everything is simplified to make it easy for anyone to use it regardless of how tech savvy they are.

And since our software is enhanced to improve the speed of the entire burning process, everything is going to be copied lightning fast.


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