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Top 10 ways to get first 1K Facebook Fan Page likes for free within 7 days

Facebook fan page likes for free
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Facebook fan page likes for free: As we all know, Facebook is the biggest daddy of the entire social networking websites, not only for the reason of socialization but also for marketing.

It is giving many opportunities both for the individuals and professionals user.

A large number of people who love to spread their products or business voices on Facebook, they necessarily need to create a Facebook page.

It is a great source to inspire the customers about those things, which they want to appear in social media.

It helps to get new customers as well as to manage old ones through interaction.

However, subsequently creating a page, firstly we need to think about the fans that how to escalate them to join in our page.

That question is continuously around in our head as a website owner who always has to worry about traffic.

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There are many ways of how you get the fans out there, but not all are easy or work flawlessly.

Today I’m showing you some of the useful tips to increase your gradually Facebook fan page likes for free, but before following them, keep it in your mind that you have to have such a lot of patience to get the best results.

Therefore, here’s the list of tips you may like to be following and give you the best results.

How to get Facebook fan page like for free within 7 days

  1. Regularly Update via Creative, Useful and Targeted Content

    Facebook likes free

  2. Invite Own Friends To Like Page

  3. Mentioning Page In Your Update

  4. Using Facebook As a Fan Page

  5. Connect Facebook to Twitter

  6. Using Social Plugins

  7. Tagging Friends On Your Updates

  8. Exchange Like With Admin Of Other Pages

  9. Running Contest & Giveaways On Your Website/Blog

  10. Using Welcome Tab

#01. Regularly Update via Creative, Useful and Targeted Content:

‘Content is king’ you probably hear this sound somehow. Regularly posting creative, useful, and targeted contents could be helping you to increase the fans and maintain existing ones.

If your page always is active by useful posts, then fans may like to be with the page and tell their friends about that page through sharing your posts on their walls.

This is a great way to get ‘Facebook page likes for free’ while posts visible on fans walls. However, Facebook has good enough rank on the search engines, and if your page has unique content, then you can also get some fans from such search engines.

#02. Invite Own Friends To Like Page:

“Inviting our facebook friends to join page” that is the first thing we usually like to do while creating a page.

We should do it secondly. For instance, if you have invited your friends next to create the page, then you will have seen that most of your friends refuse to join your page, only because of the emptiness of your page.

So, spend a few days posting qualified contents and then invite your friends to join. It may affect your friends to be staying with your page.

#03. Mentioning Page In Your Update:

Assume that you are going to talk about your page via your account updates; it will be if you mention your page that people easily can see what exactly that is.

That type of mentioning updates could be able to move your friend’s mind or to make some curiosity to see your page next to join if there has something special.

#04. Using Facebook As a Fan Page:

Using Facebook as a fan page profile, this is a great option to bring fans from another page.

Just by selecting from top-right-side, you can change your Facebook personal profile to fan page profile.

Consuming this way whenever you comment or post anything else on somewhere, Facebook will show them your fan page profile.

After all, if anyone clicks on the user name to view a profile, then it will turn to your fan page.

#05. Connect Facebook to Twitter:

Connecting facebook fan page with a twitter account, a great way to convert Twitter followers into facebook page fan.

If you are also a Twitter user and you have enough followers there, then you can connect your facebook fan page with your twitter account.

Facebook connected with Twitter
Facebook and Twitter connected

To do this job, go to your page edit, select “Resources” from the left-hand-menus and click on “Link your Page to Twitter” button, then connect your twitter account simply following facebook instructions.

#06. Using Social Plugins:

Facebook offers many ways to increase the number of fans using their social plugins. You can add their social plugins including like, send, like a box, subscribe, comment, activity, recommendations, registration, etc. on your website/blog.

This is an excessive way to keep in touch with your website/blog visitors. You need to do anything to get social plugins – go to your page edit, select “Resources” from the left-hand-menus and click on “Use social plugins” then go ahead following facebook instructions.

However, Facebook also gives you the ability to customize these plugins and make it more attractive for the visitor’s attention.

 #07. Tagging Friends On Your Updates:

Whenever, you are going to post anything unusual on your facebook page, don’t forget to tag friends to view your post.

It may help you to get fans from your friends-friend when they get your tagged friends to update in the news feed. Don’t do it frequently, and it might be making them annoying.

#08. Exchange Like With Admin Of Other Pages:

Nowadays, facebook pages fans are increasing rapidly because of some particular reason, and exchanging like is the one reason for them. If you want, you can also use this reason to get some fans.

Search some accessible fan page in your niche and contact with the admin to like an exchange.

Whenever other page admins agree, you both have to like each other page using fan page profile to appear each other page on the Right-panel of your Facebook Fan page, in the ‘LIKES’ section.

#09. Running Contest & Giveaways On Your Website/Blog:

To bring more fans via websites/blog visitors, contests, and giveaways can help you a lot.

Make a deal with them to be a fan of your page while they want to enter in the contest or need giveaways. That would be significantly working to increases the fan of your page.

#10. Using Welcome Tab:

Perhaps you don’t know that many people visiting your fan page but not attractive to click on the “Like” button. It’s not just all about your contents, however, it also for the misunderstanding about your page.

Sometimes page title and contents are not enough to get the exact idea about the page. So to avoid this misunderstanding, you can create Welcome tab for your fan page where people would be able to know more about your page.

You can also add a video in the welcome tab, to ultimately show them about your page and why you should stay in touch with your fan page.


That’s all were top ten free most natural way to increase your “Facebook fan page likes for free“. Hope you’ll get ultimate benefits from them and could be able to increase your page fans. Do you know any other quick freeway? Let us know via your comment in the section below.

Stay safe and be cool pals…


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