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7 best educational websites for Engineering students

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Educational websites students“: The Internet is an excellent resource for developing useful skills that can land you a plush job. Many people have no clue about how or where to start.

The Internet is a platform to improve your knowledge and skills in Engineering. I have provided a list of resources for someone interested in the journey of life and learning through modern technology, Educational websites, Engineering skill development. If you study given below educational websites. I’m hundred percent sure, you can get a lot of skills and knowledge. These are the complete learning websites list, so you can grab knowledge from these websites.

Educational websites for students | skill development websites:

The below learning website list are complete free of cost for use, so, you can learn all the required stuff according to your requirement.

NPTELHRD YouTube channel (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning):

Top seven Indian Institutes of Technology (Delhi, Bombay, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, and Roorkee) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) are creating course contents for engineering and science education.

This is one of the best programs on Youtube. Engineering students can easily understand these lectures because the speakers are usually Indians with familiar accents. Just type NPTELHRD topic name to get a lot of information from prestigious IIT institutions.

Enhance your skills through this program.

In this program, all engineering branch subjects are available with good examples and explanations. These are entirely free of cost.

MIT OCW (Open Course Ware) :

This is one of the most amazing and popular educational websites to develop your skills. This website offers plenty of courses with content created by worldwide top universities.

All the lectures are classified correctly into topics that might interest everyone.

Global top universities like MIT, Oxford, Stanford, etc. have their courses and curriculum published openly here for everyone to learn free of cost.

This web-based publication offers above 25,000 courses.


One of the most famous educational websites is khanacademy.org. This site offers both kids and parents a variety of learning opportunities. This website is suitable for undergraduate peoples. When you complete your course successfully, that’s not enough! Khan Academy can help you get ahead by focusing on things you’ve forgotten or haven’t learned yet.


In your daily life, you see so many types of machines, and some people’s get interested in how it’s working, what is the principle to it’s working.

Don’t worry, as to HOW STUFF WORK.COM will clear all doubts, and it helps to you increasing your knowledge utterly free of cost.

This is very important for engineering students of electrical and mechanical streams. How a fan works is hard to decipher by reading only textbooks.

This website provides video tutorials so you can understand and develop skills quickly.


If you want to develop your skills efficiently, this educational website will be beneficial to you. Best part? It’s all free!


This website is providing essential knowledge for developing engineering skills. You can login and learn anything anytime you want.


I think you know before about this excellent educational website, and you can get on this website wonderful courses for developing skills.
These all websites are useful for developing your skills. I recommended to visit this site and build your skills with free of cost.

Final words:

I hope this article will help you to develop your skills. In this article, I have provided ‘educational websites‘ for engineering to ensure your future is bright. In case if you have any doubts, you can contact me on social media or through the comments. All the best guys!


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